Nueces River Watershed Protection Plan

Accepted by the Environmental  Protection Agency April 2016


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Goals and Objectives

Implementation of the Watershed Protection Plan for the Lower Nueces River, covering 39 river miles from Lake Corpus Christi to the saltwater barrier dam in Corpus Christi / 116,863 acres / 182.6 square miles is intended to:

  • Improve and protect water quality for drinking and recreation
  • Improve and protect habitat for wildlife
  • Enhance awareness of the need to protect the watershed through education
  • Promote stewardship through stakeholder engagement
  • Improve aesthetics and environmental integrity to improve quality of life
  • Leverage resources for the benefit of all

Check out 'Nueces River at Calallen' and 'Nueces River Preservation Association' on Facebook. They're owned by local residents whose goal is to bring attention to others that the river is worth caring for and keeping clean. Not only is the river our main water source, but it's full of natural beauty, wildlife, and history!